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I. Literaturliste zum American Civil War (Books and Articles):




Litera S


Sabin, David B.: Ira A. Batterton and the Vicksburg Herald, an Unconditional Union Newspaper (1968)


Salecker, Gene Eric: Disaster on the Mississippi. The Sultana Explosion, April 27, 1865 (Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institut Press; 1996)


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Sauers, Richard A.: Gettysburg. The Meade-Sickles Controversy (Brassey's Inc.: Washington DC, 2003)


Sauers, Richard Allen: John B. Bachelder: Government Historian at the Battle of Gettysburg; in: Gettysburg Magazine, Issue

Num­ber 2


Sauers, Richard A.: The Civil War Journal of Colonel William J. Bolton: 51st Pennsylvania Infantry, April 20, 1861 - August 2, 1865 (ed. by Richard A. Sauers) (DaCapo Press June 1999)


Sauers, Richard A.: Advance the Colors: Pennsylvania Civil War Battle Flags (Capitol Preservation Committee 1991); 2 Volumes


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Scarborough, William (ed.): The Diary of Edmund Ruffin (3Volumes, Louisiana State Univ.)


Scarborough, William Kaufman (ed.): The Diary of Edmund Ruffin, Vol. II.: The Years of Hope, April 1861-June 1863 (Louisiana State University Press, 1976)


Schafer, Joseph (Hrsg.): California Letters of Lucius Fairchild (Wisconsin Historical Publications Collection, Bd. 31)


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Scharf, Jonathan Thomas (ed. Kelley, Tom): Personal Memoirs of Jonathan Thomas Scharf of the First Maryland Artillery (Butternut and Blue); 81 pp; 3 Illustrations, Map. This previously unpublished diary of Scharf (author of The History of the Confederate Navy) details Scharf's enlistment and subsequent service with the 1st Maryland Artillery, C.S.A. from August 1861 through Chancellors­ville; a detailed and excellent source on this unit and the Army of Northern Virginia; after being wounded at Chancellorsville, Scharf joined the Confederate Navy


Scharf, John Thomas: History of the Confederate States navy from its organization to the surrender of its last vessel (New York, Rogers & Sherwood, 1887).


Schecter, Barnet: The Devil's Own Work. The Civil War Draft Riots and the Fight to Reconstruct America (New York 1963)


Schildt, John W.: Drums Along the Antietam (Parsons/WVA, 3rd Printing 1982, 1982)


Schildt, John W.: September Echoes: The Maryland Campaign of 1862 (Middletown, MD, 1960


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Schlesinger, Arthur M.: New Viewpoints in american History (New York, 1922) (contains a brilliant, brief discussion of the state-rights issue in American History [vgl. Stampp: And the War came, a.a.O., S. 4n3]).


Schneller, Robert J. jr.: A Quest of Glory. A Biography of Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren (Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institut Press, 1996)


Schofield, John M.: Forty-Six Years in the Army. New York 1897 (Reprint 1998 durch University of Oklahoma Press)


Schultz, Duane: Dahlgren Affair. Terror and Conspiracy in the Civil War (New York 1998)


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Schurz, Carl: "Charles Sumner: An Essay by Carl Schurz" (ed. by Arthur Reed Hogue, 1951)


Schutz, Wallace J.: Major General John Pope and the Army of Virginia, n.p., 1986


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Scott, Newton and Hannah: Letters from a Iowa Soldier in the Civil War, +++ergänzen+++


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Sears, Stephen W.: Chancellorsville (Boston, New York 1996)


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Sears, Stephen W.: Gettysburg (New York: Houghton Mifflin Company , 2003)


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Sears, Stephen W.: Landscape Turned Red. The Battle of Antietam (New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1983)


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Sedgwick, John: Correspondence of Major General John Sedgwick. 2 vols (New York, 1902-03)


Sedgwick Welch, Emily (Sister): A Biographical Sketch of John Sedgwick Major-General (New York, NY, 2011)


Segrist, Philip L.: The Battle of Resaca (Macon / GA: Mercer University Press, 1998)


Seitz, Don C.: Braxton Bragg, General of the Confederacy (Columbia / SC: The State Company, 1924)


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Sellers, James B: Slavery in Alabama (University of Alabama Press, 1950)


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Seward, William H.: The Irrepressible Conflict. Speech by William H. Seward, delivered at Rochester, Monday, October 27, 1858 (New York, 1858)


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Shaara, Michael: The Killer Angels (New York: McKay, 1974) (Anm.: A Novel; vgl. LaFantasie: Josua Chamberlain and the Ameri­can Dream; in: Boritt: The Gettysburg Nobody Knows, a.a.O., S.52).


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Shade, William G.: „Political Culture and Party Development in Virginia, 1828-1852“ (paper delivered at the American Historical Association Convention, December 1982)


Shaffer, Donald R.: After the Glory: The Struggles of Black Civil War Veterans (2004). Traces the efforts of black veterans to secure authonomy, equality as civilians, and dignified manhood, and the obstacles they encountered as their lives assumed patterns, and they struggled with political involvement, family and martial life, experiences with social welfare, comradship with other veterans, and memories to the war.


Shalhope, Robert E.: Sterling Price: Portrait of a Southener. Columbia / Missouri 1971


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p. 387


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Spear, Ellis: The 20th Maine at Fredericksburg: The Conflicting Accounts of Gen. Josua L. Chamberlain and Gen. Ellis Spear (Union Publishing); Foreword by Tom Desjardin; 104 pp. Spear raised many of the units that came from Maine; he held a dif­ferent view of war and held with distain the glory told in the memoirs of most veterans. He took issue with Chamberlain's "My Story of Fredericks­burg" and wrote his own "My Story of Fredericksburg and Comments Thereon...", later known as the "Comments". A Captain during the battle, he took issue with what he saw as Chamberlain and others "...boasting or misrepresentation of their own services." Both stories are reprinted with commentary and additional details on the 20th Maine at Fredericksburg; Photos; Maps

Speer, Lonnie R.: Portals to Hell. Military Prisons of the Civil War (Mechanicsburg 1997)


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